Why outsource to us?

With our outsourced service offering, making use of O’Keeffe & Swartz Business Process Outsourcing offers your business numerous advantages:

  • Improved business productivity:
    With our administration and call centre workforce deployed to manage your non-core tasks, you are able to concentrate on your core business competencies. This helps you focus less on time-consuming non-core activities and more on those factors that increase business value.
  • Optimum use of resources:
    Outsourcing frees up your internal business resources by delegating non-core activities to an experienced outsourcing partner such as us. The freed up internal resources can then be utilised on critical processes and improve your business efficiency.
  • Reduced and controlled operating expenses: 
    We provide non-core business processing services efficiently, resulting in lower costs for your business. This is one of the major benefits of business process outsourcing. You only pay for agreed to, productive business outcomes. This helps your company deliver better service at lower costs. In turn, giving you a better market position or a competitive advantage.
  • Cater for your changing demands:
    Our services offer you flexibility and scalability to meet your changing business needs.
  • Invest in your core business:
    We can help your business free up assets for investment in your core business. This is achieved by us helping your business avoid or reallocate the expensive investment in equipment and facilities for supporting business processes or functions.
  • Access to world-class capabilities:
    As your strategic business process outsourcing partner, we stay up-to-date on best practices and innovation, with the goal of continuous improvement of your processes that we manage.
  • Streamlined or increased efficiency in time consuming functions:
    We help your business increase efficiency in time consuming and non-core business activities.
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