Our services

As a dedicated business process outsourcing partner, we offer:

  • Policy administration
    • Policy fulfilment
    • Collections and billing
    • Product related client services functions excluding claims
    • Analytics and reporting
  • Debit order processing
  • Inbound customer services
  • Mailroom functions

These services work hand-in-hand to deliver an end to end solution and allow your business to focus on less time-consuming non-core activities and more on those factors that increase business value.

Policy administration

Policy fulfilment is a time consuming and labour intensive process.

Ensuring that your new customers receive their policy documentation and communication as soon as possible post the sale, is vital in ensuring customer satisfaction. It gives your customers the ability to read and understand the policy they have purchased. Early communication may increase the collection of first premium on these policies.

Once we have obtained the details of your policy holders, we immediately step into action to get the following documentation out to your customers, within 48 hours:

Policy documentation. This includes:

  • Policy schedule
  • Welcome letters
  • Payment details
  • Contact details for queries
  • Regulatory details (e.g. details of the Insurance Ombud)

This communication and documentation is sent to your clients either via email or post, depending on your customers’ preferences.

Debit order processing

With your clients’ documentation successfully and efficiently distributed, it becomes crucial for your business to ensure that the first and subsequent premiums are collected on the products sold.

We work with all the banks in submitting the debit order details of your customers to them to ensure debit order collection.

We don’t stop there.  Ensuring that debit orders are indeed successfully collected, we make personal contact with all your customers should a premium not be collected, for whatever reason.

We make contact with your customers to establish reasons for the non-payment, and then look at means to ensure the payment is collected.

On a monthly basis we provide you with detailed debit order reconciliations, on both new and existing policies.

Inbound customer services

Our Client Services staff are often the first point of contact for your customers. Our Client Services staff are all trained to offer your customers the highest level of customer service, whatever the enquiry or request may be.

We are capable of attending to:

  • Reprinting and sending of schedules and documents;
  • Changes to policies such as:
    • Beneficiaries
    • Postal and physical address
    • Banking details

We understand the importance of customer persistency. Should we receive requests from clients to cancel a policy or debit order, we get to understand the reasons for cancellation and strive to keep the policy or debit order active. We aim to keep the policy on your books.

Mailroom functions

We provide the following mailroom functions:

  • Printing of documents
  • Folding and mailing of documents
  • E-fulfilment of documents via e-mail

Let us setup and manage your policy fulfilment, debit order processing and inbound customer services on your behalf.

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